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Landscape Design and Landscaping

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As a result of rapidly increasing urbanization and industrial activities, people have rapidly moved away from nature and condemned to life among the concrete masses. This is the best opportunity for people to restore their ties with nature in the face of intense urbanization.

The gardens are very important for people to breathe, to relax, and spend time with their families after the intense urban life. For these reasons, gardening is an issue that needs to be addressed on its own.

Considering the landscape design rules, there will be places that offer maximum benefit from both aesthetic and functional aspects after a garden arrangement. Landscape design seems to have emerged as a result product, but there are different stages from design end to application.

Before the design starts, all positive and negative features of the area should be determined and a detailed study should be done about the opportunities that can be evaluated. The design of the user should be sought by evaluating their wishes at this stage. As a result of all these studies, domain usage decisions are made, areas are shaped, and the detailed use of land is revealed.

As a result of the field analysis made in the beginning, landscape design decisions are made, and as a result of these design decisions, the final shapes and sizes of the areas are decided. While spaces are being shaped, the best possible spatial organization is tried to be put forward. Landscape design is finalized in a way that best suits the wishes of the users who will use the space shaped in the hands of the landscape architect and the natural and cultural characteristics of the area.

The design should take into consideration the environmental conditions and should be taken into account when selecting materials. Designs that do not take into account the environmental conditions are unfamiliar to the neighborhood, creating uncomfortable and uncomfortable people.

For this reason, the environmental conditions must be studied very thoroughly and professionally in every kind of design work to be done. FLORYALI NATIONALITY Designs your dream landscaping in the most appropriate way in the technological environment taking the above factors into consideration.

Sale of Domestic and Exotic Crops

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It is possible to find different types of indoor plants that you can use in indoor areas of imported and indigenous outdoor plants in different sizes within the scope of our nursery. A wide range of plant varieties has been provided. Thanks to this rich diversity, it is aimed to meet the demands without any problems.

Periodically Arranged Garden Care

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It is always linked to the health of the plants and to the maintenance of their vitality. The features and needs of the plants are different. For this reason, the maintenance of plants must be done consciously. Do not forget that your plants or your lawns will do wrong practices that will cause them to die. You need absolutely professional support to prevent the degradation of rare plants or grass that you have.

Pruning, fertilization, spraying, soil and lawn ventilation, lawn cutting, plant pot changing, weed cleaning are very important for plant and grass health. These services should be done in certain periods according to the situation of the plants. It is possible to obtain the necessary maintenance services for outdoor plants, lawns and indoor plants from the relevant maintenance departments of our company.

Assistive Product Sales

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The production and cultivation of plants necessitates the use of many auxiliary products for maintenance of lawns and gardens. Specialist in many different products for plants and grass such as plastic, soil, metal, ceramic pots, garden hand tools, lawn mowers, irrigation tools, garden lighting products, grass seeds, roll grass, soil and soil mixtures, fertilizers, pesticides You can get it by directing our staff. The highest yield will be possible with the correct use of the right product. In order to meet such needs, you can visit our respective departments in our nursery.

Automatic Irrigation System Application Irrigation

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FLORALIAN NUTRITION Calculates and projects the minimum amount of water required for your plants with automatic irrigation systems.


With the project, the water distribution required for each plant is ensured.
Automatic irrigation systems prevent both waste of time and unnecessary water consumption.
Sprinkler irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems from automatic irrigation systems are the most common. Both systems have places where they are needed.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

It is a comfortable, aesthetic and effective method for watering large grass or park and garden areas and can be used manually or automatically. Sprinkling is a method in which water is taken from a source at a certain pressure, transmitted through a closed system to the landscape, and then sprayed into the atmosphere.

The benefits of this system are listed;

It is used for irrigation of shallow soils with complex structure and profile that can not be problematic or leveled.
It ensures that water from underground and overground sources is used in small quantities and continuously and effectively.
Areas with steep and sloping topography can be irrigated without causing erosion.
Deep infiltration reduces the drainage problem as water loss is low.
Controlled watering can be done with fewer workers.
Plant nutrients and fertilizers can be supplied with irrigation water.
In impervious soils, we can say that a controlled irrigation can be done without raising the base water.
Drip Irrigation System

It is the system that enables us to reach the water of the plant directly to the root of the plant. With this system, direct watering pipe is pulled to the plant and the water requirement is met without the top part getting wet. The pressure should be low because the water will be given in droplets. After the irrigation water is filtered, the soluble fertilizer can be mixed.

The benefits of this system are listed;

Water droplets are not sprayed into the air as in the sprinkler irrigation system and do not wet the upper part of the plant.
As the plant is prevented from getting wet, plant diseases and harmful organisms are prevented from developing.
Since there is no loss of water by evaporation, the loss of water in the system is kept to a minimum.
The drip irrigation system is more successful in combating weeds in the field.

Drainage Application

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Drainage is necessary for landscape removal of unplanned, excess water. It prevents exposure of the existing vegetation cover and wooden elements to excessive water. It prevents water accumulation in your green areas.

In projects that do not drain, undesirable deformations occur during seasons exposed to heavy rain. Maintenance after this wear is inevitable.

Ground floors of mass housing projects are mostly car parks. Since the vegetation layer above the parking lot has a limited height, water needs of plants are very important. If the plants need water, they will be affected from water too much and start to rot. Areas without drainage require renovation after a while. If we want the garden to be a garden that looks and lives continuously and for a long time, we should not neglect the drainage lines.

FLORALIAN NUTRITION For your living space to make trouble for you, every negative pre-plans, projects and practices.

Project and 3D Drawing

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