Product Description

Abies nordmanniana (Eastern Black Sea Fir)

Abies nordmaniana is a gray-bodied tree that reaches 40-50 m in length, develops in a large pyramidal shape and has very frequent branching. The lower legs are horizontally directed towards the sides and slightly sway downward. At the end of the side shoots there are 4 non-resin buds. Of these buds, four of them come in the same plane, four in the fourth, and Abies is more branched than ALBA. The young shoots are greenish-yellow and covered with short, thick, dark brown hair. The needle leaves are 2-3.5 cm long, with a bright dark green color and two stoma bands with sharp edges or blunt and lower faces. Cm in length and 5 cm in diameter in red-brown cones, the external scales are more like dense internal carpels and are mostly abundant resins. They are found in the Caucasus and Northeast Anatolia mountainous regions. The main distribution area is the Caucasus. In the spreading areas of Turkey, this fir species does not have pure standpits and forests to say.