Product Description

Actinidia chinensis (Kivi)

Kiwi, a new newly-recognized name in our country, is very rich in terms of vitamin C, the kiwi crescent, which gives its fruit abundantly in October-November, is Actinidyagiller. It is the mainland of China, it is New Zealand which introduces this plant and the world in the name of Kiwi, the messenger bird of the country. Kiwi is a strong plant that resembles a grape vine, climbing its foil, climber and hugger. Climbing trees and man-made supports 5-7 m. Lt; / RTI & gt; Its economic life is 20-30 years. The main body can be thickened up to 20 cm. Young shoots (branches) are covered with bright red hair. These shoots will extend horizontally rather than hanging slings like a vine, should be based on supports. 20-30 cm. Diameter, heart-shaped, with a glossy top and a vibrant green color, with perforated leaves.