Product Description

Arbutus unedo (Koca Yemiş)

The leaves are on the reddish brown branches of the younger fur are hairless, the upper face is bright green, the lower face is lighter green, the edges are saw-toothed, the tips are pointed and have a delicate balance. The flowers are white and the ends are greenish, clustered. The fruit is spherical, 1-2 cm in diameter, rough on the surface, greenish in the foreground, red in color or orange. 4-5 seeded fruit juice.Turkiye Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea with the makers of the region. Mostly shrub, sometimes 7-8 meters. It is a small tree in its length. Dark reddish brown shell is cracked in elderly individuals. Young shoots feathered with feathers. Leaves are long elliptical structure, 5-10 cm. Its edges are pointed, its edges are sharp. The upper side is bright green, both sides are naked. The flowers are white, light pink. They are not clustered one by one, but clustered together. The fruits that ripen in the fall get a beautiful red color. Mature fruits are eaten. The old husband has a hard and heavy wood. It is mostly used as fuel. The strong log rolls. Expand geographical distribution. In all mediterranean regions, under maize vegetation under the red sea bream. Our country is located in all coastal waters. All the green leaves are grown as ornamental plants for the long and permanent red fruits.