Product Description

Araucaria araucana (Monkey Climbing)

The Chilean arokarians form crown in various forms ranging from egg shape to cone shape. Loosen all arms. Approximately 100 years later, the following branches are thrown and the body comes under visible vase. Only the uppermost parts of old trees remain branches. In this case, the body is flat and cylindrical. Because of this smoothness and length of the stove it cuts to benefit as lumber. These segments are now threatened in Chile. The international trade of arokaryan, which is presently on the red list as a rare tree species, is forbidden. Protect from dark gray crust, tree lava and damages caused by volcanic eruptions. It also forms a large number of roots that descend deep. The orangery is decorated with too many hard, flaky leaves. Leaves are 3-4 cm long and wide triangular in shape, ending with a pointed brown barb at the cutter and end points. The leaf edges are yellow. The leaves are scattered so that the spiral will form the branches. The cilantro arokari grows very slowly. Annual growth is rarely more than 30 cm. They live up to very advanced ages, even with 1300 or even 2000 years old specimens. However, lumber is generally 500 years old.