Product Description

Azalea japonica (Acelia)

It looks like a camellia, but the land is solitary shrub land. He does not like the sun, he does not like the earth, he should put in the windows by the window. After the flowers have been poured, the seedlings should be kept in an open, shady place and the leaves should be watered in the evening. It is necessary to take good care of summer to open flowers every year. To prevent the leaves from getting sick, it is a light purple line sprayer. As a pottery mortar, it is possible to use a mixture of soil, called ground coal (peat), from the rotten plants. In summer, they require special care. Due to careless care, the organism's newly developing buds can die by drying sprouts due to soil drying. After the azalea flowering season, watering should be done by spraying every day to keep the soil and the atmosphere moist. Out in June, but shaded places should be soaked with plenty of water on very hot days. In October the buds develop and the tissues become hard. Only one should be taken in this month absolutely. The azaleas come in a row in December, and if the plant is healthy and is a warm place, many years can be preserved intact. Larger pots should be given liquid fertilizer each spring to make it easier to grow.