Product Description

Camellia japonica (Camellia)

Camellia plants are plants in the form of bushes that can stay green every time. They can grow both indoor and outdoor plants. However, these types may vary. When it is desired to grow a potted plant, Camellia Japonica should be the species that should be preferred. The flowers may be simple or layered. Flower colors are again white, pink and red according to their species. As flowers are ostentatious and beautiful, they are cultivated as an ornamental plant. Because it is in the form of a shrub, it is more preferred for gardens. This plant, which is in the nature of the tree bug, is often used to decorate parks and gardens, especially in the grass areas, where the climate is hot. The gardens are grown individually in groups in order to emphasize the sample and also the fence and border plant. Anayurdu Camellia, especially in Japan, Korea and China in the Far East, is a plant that does not plow its leaves in winter. Kamelya dwarf is a tree-like structure that is resistant to cold weather.