Product Description

Callistemon citrinus (Brush Work)

It's a slow growing evergreen shrub that grows 4-5 m long. It is the most scattered hill. It is full and dark with greenish edges with alternate arrangement. When the leaves are crushed, they smell like a lima. Fruit capsules are woody and egg-shaped in the case of fruit. The flowers are like a brush and bright red color at the end of the young shoots. It blooms twice a year, in July-August and November. It is a conceivable plant. Fucking buddies. He likes plenty of sunny environments. The avalanche is grown in rich soils with good sandy organic matter. Resistant to drought and floods. Regular watering increases the yield of flowers. The fog is not durable. It can be grown in all seaside countries in our country. The motherland is Australia. They can be produced with seed and steel. In the summer, they can be produced with semi-rigid steel. Parks and gardens can be used on balconies and terraces in single or grouped containers.