Product Description

Cedrus atlantica (Atlas Sediri)

Cedar (Pinaceae) family naturally grown in North Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Atlas Mountains. Cedrus atlantica cv. "Glauca" can grow up to 40 m. It is a pyramid shape. It does not lose this form when you're old. The leaves are blue-green, silvery-gray or rarely light or dark green in color and 2-2.5 cm long. The cones are bright light brown, 5-7 cm long and the tip is flattened. It shows branching from the ground level which is the form of pyramid. They do not lose the pyramid form, but their growth rate slows down as the young atlas cedars grow so fast. The branches grow upwards, the old trees are branched and very imposing.15-2.5 cm long needles are blue-green, silver-gray or rarely light or dark green. They grow very fast. Alkali is one of the rare congeners who loves the soil. It is suitable for large parks and gardens. Pyramid posture gray blue shoots are always green and reaching high tides makes them indispensable. The sun loves blue atlas cedar avoids extreme water. Dry and hot weather is very resistant to polluted weather conditions. It is the most prestigious trees in the majesty of our gardens and parks.