Product Description

Catalpa bignonioides (Katalpa)

Also known as cigar or cigar tree, this plant is used in landscaping due to its opulent flowers and beautiful leaves. It has a short, round body and a sparse pipe. Summer is green vegetation. The leaves are heart-shaped, pointed pointed, 10-20 cm wide and length. The light color is light green. It is widely used in street afforestation. The flowers can be white, pink and yellow, depending on the species. It blooms in July. The flowers are white and compound cluster. The fruit is thin, cylindrical, similar to cigarettes or cigars. It is not very selective in terms of soil requirements. He likes high humidity and strong soils. He likes bright places and temperate climates. It is affected by spring frosts. They do not like places that are too windy because of their large leaves. It is a good park tree. The city is resistant to climate. It is used singly in groups or on lawns and in front of buildings.