Product Description

Cedrus Deodora (Himalaya Sediri)

It is a thick forest tree. They are summer, winter green, broad crown, short and long shoots which can be dated up to 20 - 50 m. Body shell is dark gray in color. They make a full and smooth body. The cracks increase as the body is aged. Needle leaves are three-cornered, many leaves come together in the form of rosettes on the ends of short shoots. Long shoots are found one by one. Leaf ends are pointed and stiff. Cedars are single-housed and the flowers are the only one on the end of the short shoot. Male flowers are 5 cm in length, upwards straight. Female flowers are egg-shaped, reddish 1-2 cm long, round and pulp. The cones mature in 26 months and stand vertically on the shoots.