Product Description

Chamaerops excelsa (Palm)

Chamaerops Excelsa is the most common Palm type. He's unsteady. Even in winter, it can be grown even in Po. It grows in a single log, 10-15 cm long, without bushes, which does not play on the surface. The leaves are stalked with little spikes. They make a rich bark at the top. The top of the dark green leaves is a bright, clear and smudgy color. It is very compact and as long as it is not clay, it lives in less fertile soil. It is a palmyard with vivid yellow color, very beautiful bunch flowers and fan-shaped leaves that can grow to 7 to 8 meters in length, giving rise to the size of gray-blue peas. The leaf width can be 100 - 125 cm. There are many but small yellow flowers. These flowers are bunch-shaped. The body of the plant is covered with brown fibers. It can be damaged by too much cold. For this reason it is necessary to keep it in winter in risky regions.