Product Description

Cistus incantus (Laden Rose)

The laden rose is usually about 50-100 cm in length, and it can grow to 2 meters if it is rarely grown specially. It seems like a big flower, and the plant spreads more and more around it. The leaves are crossed with each other next to each other, intersecting on the upper part light green with greenish brown or light green, lower part with shade, elliptical or lance shaped pointing towards the tip, with slightly wavy 1-3 cm width 2.5 - 5 cm long. The flowers are in a light pink, pink or purplish color, the petals are in the shape of 5 hearts or eggs, and they are wrinkled or wrinkled like hand wrinkled. The belly has 50 to 80 fertilization dusts and the follicle gums have a yellowish brown color and a pinhole in the middle. The seeds are in the form of a sphere, and the seeds are in the pile.