Product Description

Citrus fortunella (Kumquat)

Kumquats are of South China and Malaysia origin. In the second half of the nineteenth century they were brought to Europe and North America as ornamental plants and then spread to the world. Kumquat trees are slow-growing compact plants, reaching 3-4.5 meters high. The branches of the young are greenish and curled, sparsely or slightly prickly. The leaves are pointed, oval, edges are lightly threaded, top is shiny, slightly pale greenish. Fruit is round or oval shaped according to the taste. It can be fruit bark, golden yellow or orange-red. Acidic fruits, consisting of 3-7 slices, are not very juicy, sometimes contain seeds, sometimes seedless. Fruits can be eaten with shells. The flowers usually bloom in summer, the foliage begins to fall in autumn, and when not collected, it stays on the entire winter plant.