Product Description

Citrus sinensis (Orange)

It grows well in humus-rich soils with a light, deep, well-drained, sandy-tinned or clay loam, pH below 5.5 m below groundwater level of 1.5 m. In places where the pH is 8 ° C higher, they should not be cultivated or necessary practices. These applications include the use of well-burned farm grains, fertilizers with low pH (physiological acid), phosphoric acid and sulfur. Instead of giving a high dose at a time, the dose should be 50 kg per year. In the sandy soil, the fruit bark is thin, the fruit juice becomes too much and it matures early. It is rich in P, B and E vitamins, mainly C vitamins, and phosphorus, magnesium and potassium minerals. Copper, zinc, iron, copper and manganese minerals and protein are also found.