Product Description

Cosmos bipinnatus (Mexican Star)

The compound family. Anayurdu is Mexico. The cosmos flowers, which are close relatives of the Dalia stellar, are one or more annual herbaceous plants according to their species. The cosmos flowers that can be dated up to 120 cm are the fastest growing plants. Thinly long leaves are similar to the leaves of the dore we know very well. At the tip of the thin-walled stalks, the spectacular flowers that open from the summer to the first frosts of autumn are 510 cm. Wide and red, pink, white, blue and orange colors. The tufted flowers in the center of this flower-shaped flower are yellow, red or pink in color; The squeegee flowers are the same colors as the ones we mentioned above and the texture is similar to the bulge. Cosmos flowers, flower beds in the gardens where they are planted, and beautiful flowers that look good on the borders.