Product Description

Cupressus arizonica (Mavi Servi)

One of the most important features of wood is very light, so the length of resonance is very high. The servants are the only ones. Male flowers and female flowers are found in different branches. Male flowers are long cylindrical and small. Female flowers are arranged in a cross shape and consist of a large number of cone washers, each with many seeds. The cones are woody, round (1.5 to 4 cm in diameter), contain 6 to 12 stamps, with 30 to 40 seeds under each coat. The seeds mature for the second year. The cones are in the shape of a shield and are connected to a point in the middle of the cone. There is a large number of seeds under a cone. Seeds are hard-crusted. It is used in road planting. In places with suitable climatic conditions, damp pure sand can grow from soil, mild or heavy clay or various soils ranging from calcareous soils. No tree grows well in the over-calcareous soil, where the species does not grow. The service trees are as thin as they are long. All servants are very decorative as parks, gardens, protective strips and live hedge trees. It is naturally found in the southern coasts of northern Iraq and in the Mediterranean in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Rhodes, Cyprus, Crete, Anatolia and some Aegean islands. It was brought to Italy in the ancient times and it spread almost all over the Mediterranean.