Product Description

Dianthus sp. (Clove)

It is a very well known, fragrant plant with about 300 kinds of flowers grown in rock gardens or in closed spaces in flower parterries. It grows naturally in the Mediterranean coasts. There are 67 species in our country. Few of these plant groups are herbaceous. It is a single or two year old plant. Sometimes they are plants with perennial herbaceous - woody characters and in the form of bushes. The flowers are either individual or spike, the petals are long, narrow, and the ends are flat or threaded or fragmented. Flower color can be white, red, yellow. The leaves are strips. Leaf edges are flat. Leaf color can be gray, blue and green. Carnivores are plants used in open and indoor environments. It is also used as Yediveren and summer flowers. The flowers are dazzling with being very colorful and easy to produce but very fragrant.