Product Description

Diospyros kaki (Trabzon Hurması)

The origin of the Trabzon hurmas is in China. The fruit type has been brought to Japan in ancient times and produced a great extent. It is called "Japanese Handmade" and it is loved by the people in summer and winter. Although it is not known what date it was brought to Turkey, it has been cultivating trabzon hurdling for a long time. Trabzon is a subtropical climate in our country. This fruit type breeds leaves in the winter, and in cooler regions, especially in the Black Sea, Aegean and Marmara Regions. The Rabbit hurdle belongs to the Ebenaceae family of Ebenales. Trabzon stalls Diospyros enters the genus. Diospyros' word meaning; Is the "food of the gods", which has come to the fore union of Dios (Satan, Jupiter) and Pyros (dane). This name is due to the excellence of the flavors and the beauty of the appearance of the fruit.