Product Description

Euryops pectinatus (Yellow Daisy)

The compound family. In Europe, Asia and North Africa about 70 species of Anthemis plants grow. We take the book of A. tinctoria which is the northern Europe of the motherland as an example and we call the plant as Yellow Daisy. 45/75 cm. Yellow daisy that can be dated up to a year, is a perennial durable herbaceous plant. There are multi-parted leaves on the vertically extending shoots, with greenish-colored scented edges on the edges, and fragrant leaves like ferns. Composite flowers starting from June and opening up to the first frosts 5 cm. . These compound flowers have a variety of colors, ranging from lemon to yellow to orange color; The middle tufted flowers are the same color but slightly darker than the flowering flowers. The yellow chamomile plant is very beautiful on the borders of the flower gardens. Also, cut flowers are considered acceptable for a long time. It is used in floral arrangements and in hand bouquets.