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Ficus carica (Fig.

The motherland is a species of tree or bush, and its fruit is the eastern Mediterranean and Southwest Asia (from Turkey to Afghanistan). It is a fruit of this species. It is a fruit of about 800 species including figs (Ficus). Trees are divided into two as females and males, and on the same tree there are no organs with both female and male qualities. The fruit trees are large and oversized, while the male trees have little and little fruit, which is an edible flavor like the fruit trees, but it is necessary for pollination. Usually only one male tree is planted near many female trees for pollination. The dusting of the plant occurs with the flowers of thorn beetles. This is called "caprification". The fruit of your fruit is high. The composition of the fruit is composed of 30-40% sugar, vitamins A, B, C. The infusion prepared from the fruit is a pie that can be used especially in children. The milk on the leaves is known as "fig milk" and is used against the warts among the people. The fresh leaves of the tiger have been used as folk medicine in the treatment against injuries in the mush.