Product Description

Hibiscus syriacus

It is believed that the main duties are China, India and Turkey. It's grown in all the coastal areas of our country. It grows well in moist, humid soil with good drainage and good drainage. Calcareous soils, salty soils and shorelines are suitable for growing on the ground. It lasts up to -20 ° C. Well developed in sunny, hot and sheltered areas. Water is in demand. It is kidney-shaped and feathered. The seed matures in October. It makes a round hill. The peak diameter is 1-1.5 m. Usually it is not pruned but breaks are applied. If one of the elderly branch tips is taken, the flower yield increases. It is suitable for the plaster. Maximum 2-3 m. Shrubs or shrubs that can be thickened. The roots of the ground are thick-crusted, dense and close to the surface. It is a light-semi-shaded tree.