Product Description

Juglans regia (Walnut)

The shell is silver-gray in color, bright and crack-free and remains crack-free for many years. The tip bud is terminal. The buds are scaly and pointless. There's a second time in the leaf seat; Thick cylindrical, gray-brown, naked shoots and large numbers of white lentils; Exile is the essence divide. There are 3 transmission beam traces on the leaf stalk trace; The single-plumed leaves are 22-35 cm long; 5-9 leaves are separated; Aromatic fragrant foliage is an elliptical egg-shaped egg-shaped, bumpy or slightly pointed, with fringe on both sides, bare on both sides, only on the underside of the leaflets there are bundles of feathers where the veins join. The leaflets are 6-12 cm in length and are arranged opposite to each other. Juvenile fruit juice with exocratic green color and bare, 4-5 cm in diameter, approximately spherical shape.