Product Description

Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' (Bodur Alev)

It is usually 2-4 m long and wide, small bush type. It is green tree, shrub or trees. It grows with lateral branching on a dark body. The body color is brown. The leaves are thick in bright green color and regularly arranged on the edges. The new shoots gave him the red period flame. The flower color is white and it blooms between April-May. The flowers are together in boards. Each flower has a diameter of 5-10 mm and consists of 5 white round flower blossoms. Flowers spread a pleasant smell. Fruits in the form of small apples are abundant in fruits with a diameter of 4-12 mm. Fruits ripen in the autumn and are seen on a single tree up to winter. Fruit is a source of food for birds, spread with birds. Irrigation is done to ensure the root induction of newly planted flame trees. If it is planted in a hot and sunny area, it will be irrigated regularly.