Product Description

Picea pungens (Blue Laden)

Like other non-leafed trees, spruce also completes four seasons unchanged. In the summer, there are many things that you do not want to leave. The mother of the spruce picea is the USA. Among the most favorable species are the pendant-branched European ladies' pende agabeyes' pendula 'and the blue ladin picea pungens' glauca' which are frequently used in landscaping applications in our country. We are talking about trees that are in the picea of ​​the pineceae family of camels. Coniferous trees are members of this family. Let's talk about beauty ... 20-25 meters in length and 2.5 meters body diameter makes. Initially primal, then the columnar crest. The branches extend horizontally and horizontally. Frequent leaves create a large green area. It can be planted in four seasons, but planting in the autumn makes it more healthy. You can also take advantage of windbreaker features by sewing multiple ladies side by side. It grows in damp, cool places. When the leaves are protected against drought, they stay on the tree for 6-8 years. It is suitable for plants on permeable soils because the water is unstable. Almost every soil grows healthy provided it is drained. Blue spruce and western ladies are more resistant to drought than others. They can grow even on poor soil. Spruce species are growing so much that they are not recommended for small gardens. But with pruning growth can be controlled. You can produce by seeding, by taking or inoculation.