Product Description

Pittosporum tobira "nana" (Dwarf Stars Work)

Tropical Asia lives naturally in New Zealand and South Africa. Each dem is a plant in the form of green, shrub or bush. The leaves are arranged in an array or in a circle. The flowers are in the shoot type, single or umbrella cluster. Flowers are fragrant, with 5 petals. The free leaves or lower parts of the leaves are joined and curled backwards. 2. Production Seed and steel production is done. If the seeds are placed in a bag and kept in hot water for 1-2 seconds, the germination rate is further increased. Under appropriate conditions, seeds grown in the spring, 30 cm long plants are obtained in the fall. In the production of steel, after the shoots are spun, semi-wood steels are taken. These steels are treated with 8% powder or 4000 ppm IBA and rooted under fog.