Product Description

Prunus laurocerasus (Karayemis)

The motherland of Karayismi is a fruit that is cultivated as a fruit and ornamental plant known as 'Taflan' in the Eastern Black Sea region and our region. In the Black Sea region, road edges, house gardens, parks are very common. Fruit is sold in markets and consumed freshly by the people of the region. In addition, syrup, molasses, salting is done and dried and consumed. It is known that the fruit is suitable for diabetic patients with gastric and intestinal diseases. It is known that dietary fruit is used because it is toughness and it is used as a blood pressure medication for the heart. In addition, leaves are used as an animal feed in the winter because they do not spoil the leaf in winter. Medicines made with Aqualaurocerasi or Laurocerasin in the leaves are also used as cough suppressant and antispasmodic. Fruits are also used in liquor making. It can be used in erosion fighting in sloppy places due to the fact that its roots are out of sight.