Product Description

Punica granatum (Nar)

Pomegranate has three different taste values ​​as sweet, bitter and sour. Different forms of use are available in different regions. It is an important industry fruit that can be appreciated in every direction. If the pomegranate is generally consumed fresh, the consumption is spread in different forms when the storage time is long (2-3 months). Iron, potassium and vitamin C are very rich in terms of the most ideal consumption. Sour pomegranate juice, vinegar and citric acid are obtained, and boiled and thickened to replace lemon in soups and salads. There is a refreshing and refreshing effect when used in blood pressure reduction, diarrhea and dysentery treatments. Rich tannin from the pomegranate kernel; It is used intensively in the leather processing industry and in the purification of fruit juices and in the prevention of zinc poisoning. It is also used in the production of paint and ink from pomegranate shells and flowers. Nuclear seeds contain the same fat as cottonseed. The remaining pulp in the oil industry is the richest plant containing the estrogen hormone. This increases the yield of milk by joining animal feed as nutrient flour.