Product Description

Skimmia japonica (Foam Work)

Japan, China and Asia. Length and Diameter: Up to 1.5m. It is a plant in the form of a dome with frequent growing habits. General Properties: Beautiful fragrant flowers, bright fruits and bright green, are grown for beautiful leaves. The flowers are yellowish-white and the fruits are bright red. Oval leaves 10-12 cm long and 3-4 cm wide are yellowish-green on the top-green bottom. Specimen shrub is used as a bordering or pot plant in shaded areas. Climate and Soil Demands: It grows in clay soil, but it provides the best development in damp and sandy soil. Acid soils are suitable for growing. They love shadow places, more in hot climates. Pruning Situation: There is no need for pruning. Production technique: They are produced with steel that is planted in summer.