Product Description

Taxus baccata (Badger Tree)

In Adi Porsuk, which is mostly tree-shaped with a large branch, which is sometimes brutally brutish, sometimes up to 20 meters in length. Young shoots are green colored and very elastic. Needle leaves are 1-2,5 cm long, dark green and top faces are bright. Needle leaves have sharp ends and cross sections are flat. At first sight it looks like needle leaves of Abies, Cephalotaxus and Sequoia, but they are separated by some characteristic features. First of all, in Adi Porsuk there are no marked stoma lines on the lower sides of the needle leaves. Again, there are no resin channels in the cross sections of the needle leaves, others are. The woods are hard and heavy, with a narrow sapwood ring in a yellow color. The wood, which is durable and elastic, is used in the construction of bow from the old and middle ages until today. On the other hand, wood is now used in furniture, paneling, carving, turning and small handicrafts. The badger, a shade tree, grows very slowly. It is sensitive to frost and has the ability to produce logs. Long-lived, can live 2000-3000 years. Because it can be shaped to the desired shape, it is a kind of sought after park.