Product Description

Agave americana (Yellow Patience Flower)

Describe the Amaryllidaceae family. It lives naturally around Mexico. There are about 300 species. It is easy to grow this plant with low water requirements. They are bushless or short-bodied plants. He blooms and bows once in his lifetime, and then he dies. The leaves are fleshy, the edges are saw-toothed, and they are dull. The ends usually have very sharp and hard spines. Leaf colors are in cool areas, blue-green in warm areas, and light-colored in various shades. The leaves are in the center of the rosette. In the middle of the rosette, in the small agave species, after the 5th year of the plant, After 30-40, a flower stalk extends. It opens up flowers on this stalk which is quite long and looks straight. The flowers are in the form of bells and they are in various shades of white, yellow or green. The flowering of Agave plants is an indicator of plant maturity. For this reason, this plant is given the name of patience at the same time. The fruit is egg-shaped or spherical in shape and contains flat black seeds. After giving the fruit, the rosette of the plant will die and die.