Product Description

Asplenium nidus (Bird's Nest)

Asplenium is a herbaceous plant native to New Zealand and the Far East. There are compound leaves with deep wavy edges and teeth. It is suitable for hall as flower. Aspleniums grow in rich mixed soil. Asplenium, which grows easily in places with high humidity, should be watered in abundance. In cool and dry weather, the leaves should be wiped with a moist cloth in a while. The plant likes semi-shadow places. Care should not be taken to direct sunshine on it. Asplent-yum, a warm climate plant, is resistant to 13 degrees in winter. When it comes to fertilizer, standard liquid fertilizer should be given once a month. When changing the flowerpot, when the roots of the plant come out of the soil, the soil is added in the spring and one is taken to the big pot. If it grows too much, instead of changing the pot, the roots are carefully scratched and planted again in the same pot. Asplenium is produced by separating the root of the rootstock.