Product Description


Bonsai is an art that respects the living trees and the living trees. Although the bonsailer is a miniature, there are no differences from the trees we see in our surroundings. Carefully selected tree branches, pruned and cultivated with interest to gain a miniature tree appearance. The beautiful bonsailers are grown in shallow and flat pots. There are various types of bonsailers: broom - waterfall - wind is open. The Japanese's passion for nature has also been reflected in their lives and the importance given to horticulture has increased over the years. This cult is a part of the culture, and the big cities are meets people's longing for nature in miniature. It is very difficult for bonsai to keep pace with birds. The bonsai grows because of its special nature. The natural characteristics of the tree should be careful to the soil moisture, the characteristics of the chosen pot, the light and natural conditions. When the conditions are met a house with a small balcony is sufficient for the bonsai collection. Although bonsai is mainly made of outside trees and bushes, bonsai is made from house plants which are very well known. Ficusen is popular among them. Acelia is made from bonsai from the chefs. The name given to the smallest bonsai is mame (bean). The most popular bonsailer is about 15 cm tall. Bonsai requires some horticultural knowledge and patience. The mistake most people make for bonsai is the bonsai candidate tree, bush or plant, which is immediately taken into a narrow and shallow vessel. This does not reach the desired result or even the death of the plant. The free and rapid growth of the bonsain must be ensured in the most abundant earthed place possible, or as large as possible, until reaching the desired form. Irrigation and fertilization should be done regularly. But in this way the desired result is quickly reached. If you can find a bonsai candidate from the natural world, you will save time. The bonsai found in nature is called Yamadori. With good care, you can put it into your desired shape with branch and root decors at the same time as 3 years. The bonsailer can be found at very high prices.