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Sansevieria trifasciata (Pasha Swordfish)

Some of our people call sword flowers or prophets. The most familiar species is the genus with its patterned leaves, and the same color with yellow stripes on its edges. The leaves stretch like a sword upright. In the dwarf pasha suture the leaves do not grow too much and usually develop not so steep but spread around like a rosette. Pasha's native is the tropical region of western Africa. There is no resistance to winter colds. Drought, thirst is as durable as cacti. The oxygen in the interior is much more effective than other plants, and it also cleans the air. A large number of offices should be located in offices with ventilation problems. It is not an ordinary ornamental plant, it is grown with decoration purpose. Therefore, the quality of your land should be carefully considered, or you will not have a beautiful appearance.Liliaceae family. Naturally Tropical Africa, Arabia. It lives in East India and Ceylon and has about 60 species. The important species is Sansevieria trifasciata green leafy and S.trffasclata cv. The edges of Laurentii are yellow stripes.